Fred Terna, a painter and Holocaust survivor, and his son Daniel, a Brooklyn photographer, discuss the creation of their artwork and their relationship. The political climates of then and today make for an interesting bridge between the two eras, and lend both perspective and understanding during the conversation.
St. Francis College hosted painter and Holocaust survivor Fred Terna on January 24, 2017 to talk about his life, his work, and his show held in January at the College's Callahan Center, Processing Chaos, Recurring Echoes.
Bearing witness is vital to Fred Terna, a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor. As such, his artistic work serves as a record of his own survival and as a daily reminder of the Holocaust and its proximity. St. Francis College is hosting a solo exhibition of his paintings, "Processing Chaos, Recurring Echoes."
How he became an artist in Theresienstadt concentration camp. Watch more Arts in the City at